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Free Tools
QuickScanAre you wide open to hackers?This test will tell you if you have some very common vulnerabilities. You should run this test every few days OR after installing a new piece of software to make sure no security holes have crept in.The test is done using a secure connection (SSL) but the ads and images are not, so, when your browser asks you “do you want to include the non-secure items” or something similar, say yes. This is not a security breach, just a side effect. We do the test over an SSL connection to hopefully bypass any proxies your ISP is sending you through, unknown to you.If the test goes on too long, you can stop it by using the Stop Test button. This button will stop ALL tests targetted at your ip address, so, you MUST be coming from the same ip address you used to START the test.
TracePortIs your ISP blocking your access?P2P program not working? People cannot reach your web server? People can’t reach your email server?

It’s possible your ISP is blocking incoming connections to the required ports. This test will confirm it. You need to specify the port you want to check. To do that, you have to know the port number your program uses to accept inbound TCP connections.Select a common portOr specify oneIp Address  HTTP (Web Server port 80)  FTP (port 21)  SSH (Secure Shell port 22)  Telnet (Telnet port 23)  SMTP (Email port 25)  DNS (Name Server port 53)  POP3 (port 110)  NNTP (News Server port 119)  Netbios Name Service (port 137)  Windows File Sharing (port 139)  Direct Connect port 411  Direct Connect port 412  HTTPS (Secure Web Server port 443)  Kazaa (FastTrack network port 1214)  Waste port 1337  MYSQL (MySQL Server port 3306)  Edonkey Server port 4242  Emule Client port 4662  Mute port 4900  Gnutella port 6346  Gnutella port 6347  IRCD (Internet Relay Chat port 6665)  IRCD (Internet Relay Chat port 6666)  IRCD (Internet Relay Chat port 6667)  IRCD (Internet Relay Chat port 6668)  IRCD (Internet Relay Chat port 6669)  Napster port 6699  WinMX port 6699  WinMX port 6257  BitTorrent port 6881  BitTorrent port 6882  BitTorrent port 6883  BitTorrent port 6884  BitTorrent port 6885  BitTorrent port 6886  BitTorrent port 6887  BitTorrent port 6888  BitTorrent port 6889 
TracepingDo you have a dirty connection?Ip Address This test will tell you if you have packet loss between HackerWhacker and your computer. This test will first do a traceroute to the ip address being tested, then it will ping EACH router along the path. This can tell you where most of the packet loss is occurring and give you information you can use to document to your ISP that their connection might be bad.
What is your browser telling EVERY website you visit? Make sure your proxy is not revealing your true ip address.HTTP_CONNECTION Connection ControlcloseHTTP_HOST The Web Site you requestedpsi.hackerwhacker.comHTTP_USER_AGENT Your browser softwareia_archiver (+; crawler@alexa.comREMOTE_ADDR Your ip address204.236.226.210Your browser sends information about you to every website you visit. You should be aware of this. If you are using a proxy to hide your ip address, make sure that your ip address does not appear in any of the information listed. If it does, change proxies.
Are your files available to every website you visit?If your files show up in this box, it means the remote website could grab them by “accessing data sources across domains”.