Great security utilities we recommend
Wonder what Internet activity is going on with your computer?This will display ALL the ports you have open on your computer. It will tell you what programs are using which Internet connections. It will allow you to kill any program fitting the selections you desire such as any program that might be a trojan horse. You can set it up to continually monitor your connections as they change, and even display only the changes. This is a console application (runs in a DOS/MSDOS/Console window) like the original netstat but has much more capability. If you use netstat on the Win32 platform (Win2k or later) you should definitely use this instead of the weak netstat that comes with Windows. Download NowThis one is only currently available at HackerWhacker, and was written by Walt Howard aka Wally Whacker. This program does not install, it is the actual executable. Graphical (GUI) version soon to follow.
What is the best way to block hackers?By using a “Firewall”. A firewall is a program that selectively blocks access to ports on your computer. It gives you the control you need to prevent programs from using the Internet unless you give them permission. It prevents incoming connections from connecting without your permission. ZoneAlarm is a good home user solution to Internet Security Download NowZonelabs offers a free download for home users
How can I be sure my computer is clean of sensitive information?Despite Evidence Eliminator’s hard sell (sometimes ridiculous) it serves a valid purpose, and does it well. If you have any reason to make sure no one retrieves sensitive information from you computer, such as web sites you’ve visited or files you’ve downloaded, you should get this. Download Now